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Is a Bespoke Retreat out of my budget?

Updated: Mar 13, 2018

The internet is a mine field of yoga and wellness retreats – they are literally everywhere and lets be fair they are expensive and even more expensive if you want your own room and don’t want to spend your precious time way sharing a bedroom and bathroom with a stranger.

What’s the difference?

Bespoke Retreats is essentially a ‘create your own yoga retreat’ service. We allow you to create your dream retreat with friends and family at the dates you want, in a location that you choose with all the services that you require. Always fancied a retreat in the hills of Tuscany but it feels out of your budget? It doesn’t have to be! Want to go on a beach retreat in Cornwall but don’t want to spend your holiday time away from family? Bring them along, including the dog! Need some time away by yourself or as a couple and enjoy yoga classes, massage and some precious ‘you time’, we have it covered.

Surely it costs the earth?

One of the main concerns with anything bespoke is the cost. Here is a little trade secret - when you go on a group retreat your host will have budgeted in a way that means if they do not fill all of the spaces they are not out of pocket. So, if your venue sleeps 10 people your hosts will have budgeted and split the cost between only 7 or 8. Although you may think that creating a private retreat will be a vast amount more, in fact it really isn’t at all and can often work out cheaper as it is YOU that gets to set that budget from the very start. There are thousands of incredible venues for every budget from luxury villas and high end boutique hotels to rural glamping sites and wild spaces and we can explore a range of them to find what is right for you.

Our most popular retreat style is ‘bed and breakfast’. Almost all group retreats will have a live-in chef, a service that we also provide but you can keep costs down dramatically by going self-catering or exploring the local restaurants.

Suddenly, that retreat doesn’t seem like an impossible dream luxury…

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